Almost done with Colorado

I started the day right at sunrise so I could navigate the trail through some very windy roads. There were lots of animals to be careful of; Cows, Deer, Goats. I went through San Isabel National Forest which took me up to 11,000 feet on the side of the mountain. If you went off the trail, you would have a very long fall. After the forest, I went through a couple of hours on the trail and saw the same empty fields. I decided to get on the highway and head for Moab. It will be cooler there and I can visit more of the trail on the way back as a cold front is supposed to come through on Thursday. I am currently in Montrose, Colorado and it is still 89 degrees. I will be able to get to Moab in less than three hours tomorrow. I will make camp there and try to hit most of the trails (there are 80 of them).